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DRY WASH - The underside of the aircraft, leading edges, landing gear, and nose are degreased and bug strikes are removed. Each panel of the aircraft is cleaned using an environmentally friendly dry wash compound.

BRIGHT WORK - This is a three step process that brings all raw metal surfaces on the exterior of the aircraft to a mirror polish. After masking off sensitive areas, an oxidation remover is applied, followed by an intermediate polish, and then a swirl mark remover. This service includes a wet or dry wash and a basic wipe down of the interior. The struts and tires are cleaned, then dressed.

SEAL AND POLISH - Our paint seal and polish system provides unparalleled protection against the elements. First any paint oxidation is removed from the exterior painted surfaces, and then a polymer based sealant is applied, which bonds to the surface of the paint, providing a long lasting shine. Seal and polish services include an exterior and interior wipe down.

QUICK TURN SERVICE - Quick turn service is a basic wipe down of the exterior trouble areas. Leading edges, windshields, engine inlets and the nose of the aircraft is cleaned free of bug strikes. The sides and bottom of the engines along with the aft of the aircraft is dry washed clean of oil and other fluids. A light wipe down of the landing gear is performed as well as an interior wipe down and vacuum.

WET WASH - The entire exterior of the aircraft is washed and dried by hand. A wet wash involves the use of scrubbers and water. Included with the wash service is a basic wipe down of the interior. The struts and tires are cleaned, then dressed.


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Leading Edge Services, LLC is a North Texas aircraft detailing/cleaning services company. Contact us for aircraft exterior detailing/cleaning services: quick turn, wet wash, dry wash, bright work, seal and polish, aircraft exterior painting in North Texas. Airports Serviced: KDAL Dallas Love Field, KADS Addison Airport, KTKI Collin County Regional Airport, KTDO Denton Municipal Airport, KRBD Dallas Executive Airport. Dallas SEO

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